Platinum Paradigm 2

w_Buccal-Corridor_Page-23This publication will encourage the dentist, the ceramist, and the patient to create a synergistic result through visual communication. This tool is meant to aid in creating the basic architecture of the smile for the patient and ensuring their expectations are met, if not, exceeded.

The intent of this publication is to assist the aesthetic clinician and/or laboratory technician in determining the variations available to the patient, and the development of their smile. Innovative dental techniques are evolving at a tremendous rate, and a beautiful and natural smile is desired by dentists and patients alike. This publication will take a very close look at the mechanics and nuances of a smile. All smiles offer a completely different expression, attitude, personality, and individuality. Small variations done with axial inclination, canting, properly placed wear patterns, enamel inconsistencies, manipulated flaring of teeth, and contours can add another dimension to the patient’s smile. The variations of the teeth shown in the following pages are only an interpretation, and readers should know that many more variations, dimensions, and characteristics would suffice for this, or any other patient’s smile. Shapes of teeth, whether it be round, square, square-round, or any other variation is important when designing a smile and will also be explored within this publication. Some of the photos in this book have been modified using the software Photoshop, for illustrative purposes only.

In addition, a portion of this publication is devoted to the area of incisal customized characteristics, buccal corridor with teeth, texture of the facialsurface of teeth, and variations of incisal translucency. This book will also serve the dentist and ceramist in their communication concerning subtle nuances of smile creation and fabrication.

Exercise all of the tools available in this volume to better communicate the aesthetic intentions to the ceramist, and guide the patient along the desired path of the smile creation process. Team members will also benefit from this Publication tremendously as it explains, in detail, the nuances of contemporary Smile Design.

Enjoy your journey, and make your next patient’s smile a Masterpiece.


Visual Smile Creations

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